The tale of Medusa as told from the point of view of her sister Stheno. Her life, her family, and the aftermath of Perseus.

This project is further along as far as world building and story arc.

Medusa is available to Gorgon level patrons and up.


I'm currently working on two novels at the same time. Both stories can be viewed in progress on my Patreon!  Along with extra goodies like world building, process, and art.

And while I'm on the subject, special thanks to my Patrons! Your support keeps me going, on task, and enables me to improve my craft!  You mean the world! Thank you!

Every scene posted is edited but may not be the final draft. When I update a scene down the road, I'll let you know, promise!

Below are the available Patreon Tiers! 

Horizon Roulette

The story of three queer youths who get lost on a hike and find themselves dropped into a strange fantasy world where an eccentric goblin and dryad heretic try to help them find their way home.

All Horizon Roulette content is available to Goblin level patrons and up. 

Art is available to the public after Goblins get first dibs.

1) Goblin ~ only $1 a month ~ Goblins get to support Blue Gorgon and have access to Patron-only content such as Horizon extras.

2) Cryptid ~ only $3 a month ~Cryptids get to support Blue Gorgon, bonus points for pledging my favorite number, and Patron-only content such as Horizon extras.

3) Gorgon ~ only $5 a month ~ Gorgons get to support Blue Gorgon, have access to the Medusa novel progress, Horizon Roulette, and Patron-only content listed above.

4) Elder God ~ $25 a month ~ Elder Gods get all of the above plus a custom made color avatar, to request blog topics, and a Horizon Roulette camper named after them!

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