Diana of the Deep
A blue beauty snake framing the planet Earth surrounded by books
Examples of some of Blue's character designs

I'm always working on multiple projects, most of which can be viewed in progress on my Patreon!  World building, character/creature design, traditional painting, surreal nature inspired work, a tarot deck... I'm as full of ideas as I am ice tea!

And while I'm on the subject, special thanks to my Patrons! Your support keeps me going, on task, and enables me to improve my craft!  You mean the world! Thank you!

Below are the available Patreon Tiers

Visual aid of the Patreon Tiers with each creature above their name

1) Goblin ~ only $1 a month ~ Goblins get to support Blue Gorgon and have access to Patron-only content.

2) Cryptid ~ only $3 a month ~Cryptids get to support Blue Gorgon, access to polls, bonus points for pledging my favorite number.

3) Gorgon ~ only $5 a month ~ Gorgons get to support Blue Gorgon, have access to exclusive writing stuff and all of the above.

4) Elder God ~ $15 a month ~ Elder Gods get all of the above plus a custom made color avatar, to request doodles, and exclusive special edition cards when they're done!