Landlocked - a poem

Landlocked- a poem

It's been years since I've been to the sea.

Since I've taken in the salty ocean air,

Since I dug my toes into the sand.

It's been years since the sea has seen me.

But when the wind blows through the trees

I hear the ebb and hiss of waves in their leaves.

And it brings me peace.

I close my eyes and stand on a private shore,

Calmed by the ancient, primordial depths,

Breathing deep and stepping into the tide.

My spirit lingers there, longing for more.

But when the rain hisses through the boughs

I smell water and ozone and Neptune knows

How it brings me peace.

The mountains and it's flora are a wonder to me,

Beautiful and vibrant and green.

The wildlife enchanting, the rock enduring,

But a piece of my soul belongs to the sea

Because it brings me peace.

TranquilEvey by Blue S. Badella, water soluble oil on canvas

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