About Me

"All of this stuff is about mankind trying to see himself in perspective. That's what literature is about, that's what art is. It's trying to figure out what you are and what you're doing here." ~ Jim Henson

I have a love/hate relationship with labels.


There's something satisfying, even comforting, about wrapping yourself in the right words. So we pursue words, labels, those fragments of identity with the hope of better understanding and expressing ourselves as clearly and comfortably as possible. But that same cozy blanket of words can also be used by someone else to smother us, to roll us up and throw us away.  


That being said- I am a painter, a graphic designer, an idealist, a reptile enthusiast, queer, non-binary, trans-agender, a feminist, an activist, a spoonie, a surrealist, a gamer, a geek, a nature lover, a student of myth, folklore, humanity, and a resolute believer that we as a species and as individuals can do better. Growing, learning, and acknowledging our mistakes are part of moving forward as individuals and society as a whole. 


I'm pleased to have embraced a more authentic and educated me as I've grown older and have every intention of continuing down that path to the best of my ability. I hope you'll join me on that ongoing journey!


Blue S. Badella resides in Colorado with their beloved wife, cat, and snakes.


 © Blue S. Badella/Blue Gorgon since 2006 | All Rights Reserved

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